How Sound Plays At The Electric Love Festival

The Electric Love festival took place just outside Chase in British Columbia, Canada on August 4th through 7th. How Sound was pleased to be invited to play in front of a lively and engaged crowd of electronic music fans. The festival drew a crowd of roughly 10,000 over the course of the weekend.

The festival was made up of four stages, each with their own unique acts. How Sound was featured on the Wormhole stage and was one of the only acts giving centre stage to live performances by musicians.

The Wormhole Stage

Graham How produced the beats and bed tracks, and performed them along with live trumpet. Jon Treichel played guitars, and Shevani Niall held the audience in the palm of her hand with her smooth, and often hauntingly beautiful vocals.

The performance featured the songs Bandit Queen, On My Bed, Trial By Fire, A Rose From The Dead, Virgin Mary (the last two tracks from upcoming album).

How Sound is pleased to announce they’ll be playing Electric Love again in 2023. Stay tuned to this site for more live concert announcements!